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The Official Un-Official Ricky Davis Website
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Greatest date in history, July 4, 1776. Fuck that. December 15, 2003. Ricky is coming, there is a parade already set up for his arrivial. Ricky you dont need Cleveland, they used you. Were not going to trade you, youre the future. Then they stab you in the back and draft LeBron. You were nothing but a puppet. You are sent from God Ricky, Boston will embrace you, Ricky you are home now.

The Devil

click here to play video

The Savior

Still not convinced......Click on the movie above and you'll see my personal god dunk all over Steve Nash's face and then say LeBron who. Brush them off Ricky, Brush them off.


And another thing...when I logged onto the internet this weekend and checked out the Ricky Davis selection on EBAY, I almost had a heart attack. A piece of Ricky Davis's jersey is only $1.99! Wheres the justice? But everyone's all over LeBron dick and his jersey is $750. Ricky you dont need them, brush them off Ricky, brush them off.

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